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Dodi Li (My Beloved is Mine, and I am His)
El Kabir (Almighty G-d)
Erev Ba (Evening Comes)
Erev Shel Shoshanim (Evening of Roses)
Hana'ava Babnot (The Fairest of Maidens)
Hava Nagila (Let's Rejoice)
Nigun (Tune)
Od Y'shama & Mazel Tov Medley
Rabbi Elimelech Medley
S'u Sh'orim (Look Up to the Gates)
Siman Tov (Congratulations - Good Luck!)
Tum Balalaika (Play Balalaika)
V'ha'er E'ne'nu (Enlighten Our Eyes to You Torah)
Waves of the Danube - "The Anniversary Waltz"
Y'did Nefesh (Beloved of My Soul)
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